portable mini fireplace for romantic natural light

This is a portable fireplace that could be easily to move from room to room, indoor or outdoor. Bring these mini fireplaces wherever you want to get warm and some romantic natural light at night. This one is called Bubble, fireplace designed by Serge Atallah for Planika. Bubble fireplace is designed in a cylindrical element of furnishings with a vibrant red orange finish. There are more color options available to choose.

white portable min fireplace for indoor and outdoor

The making of this fireplace is base on idea of an attention catching mobile fireplace which is perfect for arrangement in city lofts and funky contemporary interiors. Modern mini fireplace with portable function and trendy rounded shape could be latest urban essential that will heat up your home or condo interior, both indoor and outdoor. Solution for places where you may cannot install ordinary chimney because of its size and smoke problem.

portable mobile mini fireplace for home interior

The new model of the fireplace designs are evokes very positive emotions and draws a smile on every face. When it is placed at the center of your seating area or as a stand-alone feature, this modern fireplace will be the focus of any room. Because of its size, you can get nice lighting ambient when they are placed simultaneously during night.

portable mini fireplace as home decoration