If you only have small space in your living room but you need to add gas fireplaces, this one from Biofireplace is a nice idea to look at. Designed by Matteo Ragni, the stylish modern fireplace will heat up your living room at an instant. This is a gas fireplace that design with inspiration that come from nature. Just look at these images, you can see beautiful fireplace design. They are styled in modern, more like futuristic gas fireplace design actually.

Modern gas fireplace that amazing and offer a perfect view of the nature inspired design, while shows fascinating interplay of flames. Gas that nice for compact spaces and the fireplaces insert are also available in freestanding floor, wall or hanging models. So what to put next to a gas fireplace? Don’t place any flammable stuff near it, that’s for sure.


Modern Gas Fireplace Design Collection

The modern style ventless fireplace is powered by gas that burns in clean. Smoke or ash from your fireplace in your living room is a past time story.