This is another idea to save some room interior, by placing modern style fireplace just next to bookshelf. Single room with approximately 40 meters square will get a nice warmer with this. Actually the fireplace is in one shelf along with the book. So it may be wise not to place the books too near to the flame. It is perfect for storing regularly read books, not for long term storage for the books. And the most important is to make sure your child won’t play near the fireplace. The fireplace itself is equipped with 8mm safety glass to ensure the flame won’t burn the books and the surrounding.

To make it much more convenient to use, the fireplace can be controlled with remote control which come with the fireplace. It is possible to remote it, because the fireplace is using bio fuel. The self, which also support the fireplace, is made of stainless steel with black and white paint. The fireplace is called as Helios, modern fireplace with innovative placement and in size of 169×43×31 cm. Visit Cosihome for further detail info about this fireplace design.