Why did we only use single fireplace in living room if we can have them in every room in the house? Well that’s maybe because ordinary fireplace is taking too much space, and for safety factor. How about this Vauni Globe? These fireplaces design are fit for any place usage and interior. We can put it in every room we want.

Globe Fireplace Black

Vauni Globe fireplace design is tradition looks with classic form in a modern version. With bio ethanol fuel, we can have fireplace warmth without any ashes and annoying smoke. This one has free-standing support that can be turned 360 degrees, that’s very flexible to use to get an optimum and pleasant viewing angle.

Globe Fireplace Design White Low

While the fireplace is not in use, we can view the fireplace as a nice decoration too. It is looks like a sculpture with beautifully polished black granite. The globe shape of it is so attractive. So, if you want to bring some warmth in to every room (both indoor and outdoor), these fireplaces models may the best option to use. You can browse to vauni for more info.

White and black Fireplaces Model

Sculptural Fireplaces in Modern Style
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