The next winter will be warm enough with this heater design. A futuristic style of biofireplace that is attractive to have in your home. Especially if you have modern or contemporary room interior, this futuristic fireplace, that called as the Tulip by Italian Company Biofireplace, will match and adding a nice decoration too. The futuristic design of the fireplace is stem-style base, this fireplace broadens to make way for a peek-a-boo firebox, which lets us view the dancing flames and the warmth from every side.


This fireplace is not seasonal equipment for your home; you may need this one not only during winter. So the fireplace is needed to be designed to use bioethanol power that burns clean, free of smoke or ash. Just exactly such this one, a versatile design which suitable to place in room corner or in the center of a room. The fireplace is not only in reflecting futuristic design but also trendy in their bright color option.