ergonomic fireplace design

The fireplace is inspired by the hillsides shape. While this one not only offering warm and comfortable for your room, this one actually is a transformable design. With its ergonomic shape, this fireplace can be adjusted from an ergonomic sofa chair to a coffee table. Truly is a wonderful and cozy fireplace design. Fireplace that will no longer need to be installed at walls nor need a special placement. The natural material used for this transformable fireplace are oak, natural stone, and glass.

transformable fireplace design

For anyone who try to find a best placement for fireplace in your house, and you found it difficult to implement it on your house, maybe because you don’t have perfect place to install the fireplace; this modern fireplace design could be a nice choice. This is the Hillside model fireplace. One of the finest fireplace products that offered at Flying Cavalries.

transformable fireplace best material

modern fireplace for coffe table