Having wall or decorative fence in your house is fancy; could it be made more interesting? Yes it does. We can add several modern fireplaces as this one. This is The Tube, one of fireplaces model from Acquaefuoco Wellness Mood. The fireplace is using bioethanol for the fuel. It is designed to fit for both outdoor and indoor use. They made of powder varnished steel tube and a circular burner.

outdoor garden fence fireplace

Any regular fence in the garden, or ordinary wall in your house may become attractive and awesome by installing this wall mounted fireplace. The tube has curvy opened side, from which we can see the flame dancing and creating a dramatic lighting. Who need artificial lighting if you can have this fireplace design in your home. Not only this serve as additional beautiful light source, they also as good as decor for your wall. If you are interested, you can visit Acquaefuoco for further info.

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tube outdoor bioethanol fireplace acquaefuoco