Here is the safest modern fireplace ever. Well, not actually a fireplace, because this one is an artificial one. Although it is not a real, but we won’t notice any different than other natural fireplace. We can enjoy the flame dancing with its natural color, the burning wooden log, even the smoke are available in this. The smoke is made of water vapor.

Safest Fireplaces With Frame

When the first time I see the video of this best modern fireplace, I was surprise to see she put the iphone at the flame. It is not a real fire you know, that is why it is not burned. If you wanna to have one of these modern fireplaces, you can visit GlammFire site to purchase it. The video of the fireplace can be seen at

Electronic Fireplaces Model

We won’t be bothering with any wood supply or any fireplace fuel, and so are any ashes, with this fireplace design. That’s one of the benefit of living in modern era, where technology is advanced and covering in to any home decoration and interior, and so is in this fireplace.

Realistic Fireplaces of Glamfire

Fake Fireplaces for Indoor Decoration