This furniture is called as MYDNA. A contemporary storage solution for your room, make it looks modern and stylish. Especially if you are a person who like art, statues, or any other unique structure, these storage sets is best to decorate your home interior. MYDNA is using wood finish; the selection is range from zebrano, oak, walnut, and also black wood.

twisted rotating bookshelves

black rotating bookshelves

This one is a concept models which in twisted shape. Just like a piece of DNA structure, as I saw in pictures or movie, ‘cause I never see those DNA structure myself (LOL). These shelves can be use as standing bookcase, or for storing your other small / medium size objects.

white rotating bookshelves

They are best to place in center of the room, not to near with walls; so we can put / take the books from any sides. If we have to put them near walls, it is okay because the bookcase can be rotated. There are some models (small shelf, side table, and also this rotating shelf). The dimensions of these are vary, depend of the models, from 50 cm up to 160 cm. The bookshelf can be rotated in 360 degree. If you like this bookshelf, you can visit Joel Escalona for further detailed info.