If you have large room in your house and there is a wide space in one of its wall, you may decorate the interior with this kind of bookshelf. These bookshelves design is suitable to place in large and white area, although they also fit for small room. This one is called as Random Cabinet and Random Box. Bookshelves that can be closed or opened, and they are modular design as well. We can adjust this books storage as we like, so they are arranged as we want it to be.

Wide Bookshelf in Elegant White Color

Beautiful and Large Book Storage Design

The books shelves may looks random in their placement, but we can feel that they are united as single storage. Just looks at these pics, each of the cabinet and their doors are very dynamics and fancy to store our books collection. White color brightens each of the books volume in this modular wall shelves storage. If you interested with this design for your living room, or to redecorate your reading room, you can visit MDF Italia for more detailed info.

Best Modern Bookshelf Design