Monocomplex Design Studios in Seoul, South Korea designs Lean, bookshelves system that cleverly using sloping surface in shape of bilateral symmetry tower. By using sloping surface, we no longer need books stand to keep them stands. No more falling books even if the shelf is not filled with books. The shelves are made of birch wood (finland), in two different size: Large 1800(H) x 1200(W) x 300(D) and Small 1200(H) x 800(W) x 290(D).

They have different color, and each of the bookshelves is can be rearrange to make them personalized. With each of them in separate color, we can store the books in an order list as we need them to be. For example, the light reading magazine or books in the upper shelf with brighter color, while the heavy reading stuff such us literature in the other darker color shelves. It is up to us where to arrange them, and make an attractive composition.

Other trendy colors of the shelves also presented at 2012 F/W season show windows of ‘G.D.S’ in WEST, the Galleria Department Store’s luxury hall. Visit monocomplex for more further detailed info about Lean Bookshelves.

Innovative Lean Bookshelves in Tower Shape

Innovative and Trendy Lean Bookshelf Placement

Lean Bookshelf Design for Neat Book Storage

Trendy Lean Bookshelf for Multipurpose Storage