This books shelf is a creative design that mounted to the wall. Books shelf like this one is perfect to decorate your modular interior room. It looks trendy and very attractive. This books shelf is made of steel planks, painted in black and white. Each of this books shelf unit is consist of three levels. You can store some books in each of them, so it will fit to place lots of books at a same time.

The picture above shows us creative bookshelf design placement with some books for your room interior.

By mounting it on the wall we can save some space on the room. Beneath the bookshelves, we will have more area to place furniture. A reading chair and table will with to be placed near them, or may be a bed if you like to read before you go to sleep. But it is being advised by some psychologists, that we shouldn’t do various activities in the bed because it can give us insomnia.

Steel bookshelf design with black and white color furnishing, choose the one that best for you, or use them both for a creative looks:

More info about this creative books shelf design available at B-Line. And here are some pictures of this book shelf.