ceramic tile wood flooring for bedroom

Somehow we need to make a natural room interior, but this occasionally come to a problem that we don’t want to have a pure natural wood or material in our house. For example we want to install wooden flooring, but our house is located at humid environment. So, any wooden floor may be less durable for it. This is one of the answers for it. We can install wooden flooring that made of ceramic. The tile is easy to install and much more durable than natural wood.

ceramic tile as bedroom wood floor

How about the looks, can they actually looks like wooden floor? Well, you can see for yourself in these pictures. The tile colors, patterns and surfaces are mimicking the essence of real wood along with its wood grain. If you interested with them, you can get more detail info about this ceramic tile at Provensa. These ceramic tile available dimensions are 15×90, 15×60 and 60×60. The best wooden floor replacement if you don’t want real wood in your house.

ceramic tile looks real wood

ceramic tile as wooden floor

ceramic tile patio wooden floor

ceramic tile patio wooden floor


ceramic tile as outdoor wooden floor


wood flooring ceramic tile pattern


ceramic tile as garden wooden floor