This bathroom appliance set is showing an advanced technology that is subtly integrated into each piece of the flat, unobtrusive bathroom furniture. Featuring a glowing emitted light that seductively when the embedded LED lights are switched on and appears serene and translucent in daylight.


This bathroom appliance is not only beautiful but also the relaxing material is translucent evoking a sensation of total serenity. The appliance is from of illuminated materials, epoxy resin, a quality, like translucent glass, heat resistance and excellent resistance-extreme.


This is a modern white bathroom collections by TOTO, that really stand out against a calming background of neutral, light wood, pale walls, and greenery of plants and bamboo. For bathroom fixtures that are stylish, practical and use modern technologies then this elegant bathroom collection.


design of modern stand bathtub with transparent door


elegant bathroom furniture collection from TOTO


bathroom furniture collection toto


stylish bathroom washbasin as stylish appliance


stylish bathtub design