sauna design in contemporary wooden style

Wood is being use as main theme of this sauna. This will make the sauna much more natural and in contemporary design. Not only in the wood, which cover the side wall and ceiling, but also there is a stove which in traditional looks too. All this element combination is beautiful and reflecting natural ambient. Of course the sauna still using glass as the door and side wall, but the glass is making the design stronger in its effects, integrating the design focal in your bathroom. You can have your own sauna like this one.

contemporary wooden sauna design

This is a sauna that called as Kung Sauna from Swiss sauna maker. A beautiful example of sauna design, that brings us a light and airy appeal, further more will make us more relax. Sauna doesn’t have to be a solid large box which locked you like a prisoner.

traditional home sauna design

natural home sauna design

natural sauna and stove design