Bathroom fixtures which are part of Palomba collection are great to make yours in to a naturalistic looks. Especially if you want to create your bathroom in to a less wet and puddle place. In combination of these fixtures collection set, you can get an aesthetic bathroom in the shape of naturalistic washbasin and bathtub which evokes forms found in nature, or the water that created in the soft rock’s cavity.

palomba bathroom collection wooden floor

Although the shape of the bathroom fixtures are inspired by organic and natural environment, the color of fixtures itself are in clean color. This is useful to give a nice looking modern bathroom as we want. While they are placed on dark color marble or wooden flooring, the fixtures will blend perfectly.

bathroom inspiration with palomba collection
The above picture show us how the bathroom collection can be great to make a modern and natural looks. It is very nice to have such this one in our home.

The Palomba collection is one of the products from Laufen. This is a perfect choice to build a contemporary, modern bathroom in a comfort environment. The collection composed of one bathtub, eight washbasins, and some fixtures. There are lots of bathroom variations possible to create using Palomba collections.

natural bathroom fixtures in modern space

natural washbasin design palomba


  • Free-standing washbasin Menhir : fine fire clay material, in dimension of 520 x 400 x 900 mm
  • Bathtub in dimension of: 1850 x 960 x 540/900 mm

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