Bright white color and curve in all angles are usually implemented in futuristic design. That is happen in all of object design. Do you remember the cars at Tron Legacy movie? Those cars which presenting high end and modern design was also using curve shape, which strengthened with straight line in all over surfaces. And here is one of the most futuristic looks for your home. A water tank which can be use to relax, just like when you are inside a bathtub.

luxury inside of modern bathtub

modern bathtub tank closed

This one is called as i-Sopod, a tank that having cover part. The cover in top of it provides a sleek and modern touch to your house. When the water tank is closed, we may not notice that it is a tank filled with water. We may only see that there is a futuristic furniture in our bathroom, well this is a great way to decorate the bathroom too, that what I think.

modern bathtub futuristic water tank

When it is open, we can see illuminating color; which actually the lighting is programmable as well as the music. Yes it has music too, cool! Definitely this one make us want to get inside it, and enjoy the relaxing floating experience. If you interested with this futuristic bathtub design for your home, you can visit i-Sopod website right now.

futuristic tank for spa