modern cube bathtub

Acquiring the new experience for bathroom is sometime involving redecorating it with another bathtub or other bathroom vanities. This one is a great example of it, a new bathtub that design in cube shape. The square design of the bathtub is measuring 48 x 48 x 43 inches. Clean, modern, and elegant is uniting in one shape of the bathtub. If you don’t want to use ordinary oval tub, this one is the best choice.

best modern bathtub

This bathtub is called as Underscore Cube Bath, featuring two built-in seats at different heights. We can also get other features as in the drop-in design. The bathtub is not becoming the best modern design, but also equipped with full body soak and BubbleMassage, hydrotherapy to envelop you in warm massaging bubbles. The bathtub can be purchased from the online site at Kohler.

cube bathtub stainless steel faucet