hi-tech toilet automatic feature

Toilet, one of the most used things in our everyday life, is also one that has lot of development in its technology. It is time to change our old one and use the advanced technology. Why would we do that? It is because we can get lot of major simplicity and convenient, and of course the hygiene for the user. This toilet design described in this post is one of it. A high tech toilet that designed with innovative smart system and fully automatic ability that integrated to the design. Your bathroom will never be the same with this modern toilet design.

inax hi-tech toilet with smart automatic system

This toilet is a product from INAX. You can purchase it in their website, and get it ready to use in your bathroom. The high tech toilet offering some modern features.

white high tech toilets fully automatic

  • Automatic detect the user presence through its sensor technology, and automatically opens (and closes) the lid when someone enter the bathroom and approach the toilet. Whenever the lid opens, there is music sound that automatically played.
  • Automatic flushing and deodorizing action. The toilet will automatically begin flushing and deodorizing process after we step away from the toilet. This will save us some time to do it by our self. No more dirty and stinking action for us.
  • When it is done, the toilet lid will closed with it automatic system too. This way we can also save energy, because the power consumption is became reduced and low.
  • Adjustable water pressure and temperature
  • Silent stream flushing system
  • Heated toilet seat with temperature control

hi-tech toilet music automatic display


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