ergonomic bathtub ideas

Luxury design of bathtub is implemented within this one. This bathtub has two high backrests, which both of them are ergonomic; making the user much more comfortable to use. Those double backrest make it able to use from two angle, we can enjoy the comfortable bathing from every corners. The bathtub is large enough, so it also perfect for two.

ergonomic bathtub double curve

If you have old bathtub and want to redecorate your bathroom, ergonomic bathtub could be beautiful option to install. The bathtub design is suitable for freestanding or wall mounted faucets. This bathtub is called as Malborough bath, one of finest product from Victoria and Albert Baths. The ergonomic bathtub made of rare volcanic limestone and resin. Designed with easy to clean high gloss finish. And for the durability, it much more durable that common acrylic.

ergonomic bathtub double installation

ergonomic bathtub for two