beautiful ceramic tile for bathroom wall

Get new bathing experience through this bathroom wall. Well actually not the bathing process but it is during the whole time when you go to bathroom. Because you can enjoy the looks of your bathroom wall, suppose that you want to decorate you old one with this ceramic tile. This beautiful tile is called as the Bond, tile that features flowing, undulating lines that creates the effect of a three-dimensional surface.

ceramic tile for bathroom wall

There are some color to choose from, we can only provide two of their pictures, it is white and the blue one. All of them are in glossy finish. It will easy to clean as it done regularly. There is also available the Dot tile collection is a set of circular tiles reminiscent of rippled water, ready to choose if you like tile which come in different colors and patterns.

glossy surface ceramic tile wall

These tiles from Kale can be arranged dynamically as your bathroom wall, replacing ordinary paint. You can make slick look evocative of water to make an ideal addition in any bathroom. We can get luxury looks in an instant, although it will better if we also use wash basin and other bathroom vanity in similar color.

luxury ceramic tile for bathroom wall

trendy dot ceramic tile for bathroom wall

white ceramic tile for bathroom wall