oval bathtub with chromatherapy

This is an oval bathtub by Bainultra. With rounded half egg shape bathtub, beautiful design which is not only good looking but also comfortable to use. We can make an essential place for relaxing after hard work day, especially with its chromatherapy, hydro massage functions, and comfortable raised seat. Control panel that available in this bathtub make it easier to customize how this bathtub work best for you. The backrest temperature and 46 air jets pressure can be controlled.

essencia best oval bathtub idea

Placing this oval bathtub near large window which provide beautiful view can be add more relaxing experience, as we can see in these pictures. When you are wondering how to build a beautiful spa at home, this oval bathtub is a good idea to use. Any minimalist and contemporary home is suitable with this 61 US gallons water bath. Further purchasing info about this 72 x 36 x 27 inches bathtub can be found at Bainultra.

oval bathtub design

oval bathtub for home spa