Decorating a beach house is requiring good connection with outdoors that is an important consideration. Beach house has many exciting and fun designs that make any home a tropical paradise. Located in Kingscliff, New South Wales, Australia, this SheOak’s wonderful beach house has a very unique design with lots of glass walls. Those glass windows perfect for capturing natural light and get great outdoor view. The house is large and they are made from mix of steel, timber and concrete with durable materials. Wood is being use extensively as it is making the beach natural looks much more consistent.


I really like the upper side walls which has unique darker looks, very contrasting with the white ceiling of it. Really, these are refreshing ideas of beach house design.


These pictures show us contemporary architecture, and making a beautiful and reasonable room in the beach house. Base Architecture is the architects’ designer of the house, which consists of some main elements: bedroom block, living pavilion, a garage and the corridor that links between them.




beach house design bathroom

elegant beach house design living room