modern vacation home

This house in New Zealand is built on a large area with nice surrounding environment, making it a perfect place to stay during vacation. The house is consisting of two living spaces, which is connected by a large pavilion; that also serve for natural lighting. This pavilion itself is already became an interesting area, especially with its sliding door and wooden floor. The pavilion area will be a nice place to stay a while and enjoy the natural view of surroundings.

modern vacation home 2

This house was built by Fearon Hay Architects. Defining a perfect balance of modern house design with natural wood to blend with the surroundings. In the interior, the house is designed to have minimalist looks. The nature is also representing beautifully within the colors that bring clam feeling, all of those make a nice place for vacation. Here are some more pictures of this vacation home, photos by Patrick Reynolds.

pavilion in vacation home

vacation home sliding door