This beach house architecture is build on 122 square meters in Tacna Hill, an elevated Plateau, south of Maitencillo, a Chile beach resort. This is an awesome project by dRN Architects (dRN Architects was established in 2005 by Nicolás del Río and Max Núñez, located in Santiago). This building architecture is basically an elevated platform, 3.8mts above ground level, which holds the two independent volumes of living and bedrooms, and a third one underneath, for visitor’s bedrooms.


There are some parts of the house that leaved unoccupied; this area is placed on other free platform. With large window and glass doors, this house architecture is providing a wider view of the ocean from inside. The north views of this pine wood house are towards the neighbor. With precisely control and also proposed to be more profound, in order to turn some room into places to use and store.


The structure is planned in order to leave as much air below the platform, as possible. This will allow the garden works to use the plot almost entirely, and eventually, build a swimming pool. This is a truly place for relaxing with family and friends. The architecture is properly serve, both a simple couple, and a big bunch of unexpected visitors. Here are some pictures of this house architecture design; they are photographs by Felipe Camus.