Beautiful home that is designed with rooftop garden will get lot benefit from direct sunlight. This house is a perfect living environment in tropical countries. Sun light is not only for the garden plants grow but also being use as additional power source with solar panel (almost 30% of total power consumption reduced), make it more as eco friendly house. As can be seen in the pictures below, that shows us solar panel and garden of the house architecture from top down view.


Canopy, garden, and pairs of small artificial ponds is a nice place to relax. Especially when combine with the surrounding environment view from higher house stories.


In the home interior, that adapt with minimalist furniture, is also decorated with plant and more indoor garden. Truly is a nice living space that built with sustainable architecture design. A great architect project from TWS & Partners.



sustainable home architecture with indoor garden


bathroom design with artificial plants


sustainable home architecture landscape


sustainable home architecture in living room with red rug


home architecture in white bedroom with curtain