Most impressive of the beach house design I ever seen, that is the great architecture building of this house. This is Lefevre House, an absolutely dramatic example of modern beach house architecture that built in top of a cliff. Designed by Longhi Architects, that has made an awesome house with overlooking Pacific Ocean views. This beach house located at Punta Misterio 117 km south of Lima, Peru.


Beach House with Concrete Walls

The house is stand out beautifully, and can be seen from far away, because this building is built in top of massive rock. Big concrete wall cover the lower side, blending with the natural rock cliff beneath it. Stone stairs are available as additional entrance. Those concrete walls are covered with flat natural rock as decoration, a natural touch to the house interior.


Modern Architecture of the Beach House Interior

Modern architecture design of the home interior, and the stunning yet unique roof is making the house very attractive. Those are sand garden roofs top, which also serve as it surrounding sand and desert extension. Wide glass wall and windows available in the house which facing the ocean, so the resident can get landscaping view of the ocean. This is a cozy place to live and enjoying the beach.


Here are some more pictures of this Lefevre House, photographs by CHOlon Photography.


lefevre house by longhi architects


beach house in top of cliff


beach house design – stairs picture 1


beach house design – stairs picture 2


beach house design – ocean view picture 1


beach house design – ocean view picture 2


beach house design – livingroom


beach house design – glass window


beach house bathroom with natural wall


beach house at sand cliff