The architecture design of wood house is implemented with beautiful in this one. This is a boathouse that design by McKenzie Strickland Associates. A boathouse with landscaping view of shore. You can see in this picture below, the location of the house, in a sunset view. Not only a shore view, but also a small hill that provide a more amazing looks.



Wooden boards of the house walls, is combine nicely with the earth walls of stone in the outdoor surrounding. Boathouse roof designs, and all of these make a natural spacious as can be viewed from far away.


Sharp roof corner of the house, that also structured entirely with wooden boards and slats, add an artistic touch to the home architecture. In these two pictures below, you can see a wonderful design of the roof. It is a unique roof design. Patio and small deck surround the house with natural style.



The home is built in top of an artificial cave that functional as a boat entry and storing. This cave is added with some stainless steel column, structured to hold the upper story.


Not only the outdoor, but also the interior of the house architecture is preserve a natural looks. Wide glass window and doors provide wider view of the shore.