lea2 convertible chair into bed

The transformable, convertible and collapsible designs of Lea2 chair are impressively practical. This seating furniture design could be quickly altered into a handy bed. Lea2 chair is one of Casamania chairs product. Utilizing elastic straps with chromed hooks. Polyurethane, removable upholstery foreseen in different kinds of fabric make it much more comfortable to use. Transformable concept interior of comfortable chair with modern and warped in simple design has made a room space saving, and also time saving.

lea2 transformable chair bed

With piece of furniture such this one, any apartment or small house can have bedding and seating problem solve in a same time. Although we has a big one, we can still get lot of function from this transformable bed, placing one of this convertible chair in front of TV at the living room while enjoying peanut is very interesting. I feel this one is great for teenager room furniture too.

lea2 transformable concept interior